Welcome to Oasis Golf Club and Conference Center in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Spectacular Surroundings.
Choose a dramatic, sweeping ballroom, more intimate spaces with spectacular golf course views or an exclusive boardroom setting.  Or use any combination for an event that's customized to fit your every need.

Beautiful Space.
Underneath our beautiful exterior, perfectly designed technology and state-of-the-art conveniences are built in.  In an ultra-modern kitchen, our gifted executive chef creates unforgettable sit-down dinners, luncheon banquets and afternoon breaks.  Just outside the door, one of the region's finest golf courses is a breathtaking backdrop - or an essential centerpiece - of your event.

Incredible Service.
Whether you're planning a consumer show, a convention or an elegant wedding, the expert staff at the Oasis Conference Center is totally focused on your needs.  When you make a request, we don't tell you why it can't be done.  We simply say, "Absolutely!"  When you ask if we can do it, the answer is, "You bet!"