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Date : 7/13/2018

5 Steps for an Efficient and Enjoyable Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal is an underappreciated - but key - part of creating a beautiful and organized wedding. The rehearsal is often squeezed in between other events, such as the arrival of out-of-town guests, parties for the bride and groom, or sharing meals. But if you give it some forethought and attention, your rehearsal can be enjoyable and still get a lot of important things accomplished.

Here are five tips for a great rehearsal.

1. Do the Rehearsal Early

Most rehearsals end up being the night before the wedding or even the day of the big event. But if your friends and family are partying and imbibing, they aren't going to be in the zone for a serious rehearsal. The best way to avoid this problem is to hold the rehearsal earlier on the day or week prior to the wedding. If you do have to rehearse close to the wedding time, let people know you'll buy them a round after the rehearsal is done. 

2. Decide Some Things Before

One of the fastest ways to bog down a rehearsal is to have made no decisions ahead of time. Wedding party members are likely to lose interest quickly if you spend excess time debating things and trying different ideas. Instead, work out as much of the logistics as possible between the bride, groom, officiant, and selected bridal party members in advance. This includes such things as:

  • Who walks in pairs
  • The order of the pairs
  • Where groomsmen will start
  • Where the party will emerge from
  • Where everyone will stand
  • If there is a reception line
  • What readings or prayers will be included

In addition to saving time and making the rehearsal efficient, making decisions in advance also helps keep out unwanted suggestions and conflicts with family members. 

3. Hit the Highlights

You don't need to spend time reading through the entire ceremony during a rehearsal. Create a highlight list ahead of time to give to the entire wedding party. This one-page sheet should include the order of events from beginning to end, including a time line.

Your highlight list may include some key points of the officiant's sermon or blessing so everyone knows what to expect. It should list who does what portions and where people will stand. Use this as a checklist to reinforce what people should do as you practice the ceremony together. And it's a handy guide to help them be on time and in order for the big day. 

4. Get a Coordinator

If you have a wedding coordinator, this is where they will shine. After all, they've done this many times before. If you have no coordinator, ask a friend to serve as the wedding party coordinator on the big day. This person should be assertive and willing to tell people what to do. He or she will make your ceremony look polished and make you look great. 

If using a friend as a coordinator, have them time the procession and make note of where each person should be. They will give cues to each bridesmaid, couple, or child in the party. They may also cue the music to start, fix the ladies' dresses, and remind bridesmaids how to hold their flowers. At Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center, a coordinator is included when you book your ceremony with us.

5. Practice All Movements

The movements you should rehearse include walking down the aisle, standing in certain places, moving during the ceremony, and recessing back down the aisle.

Most wedding parties find the biggest challenge is matching the walk to the timing of the music. Large parties may need to process closer while smaller parties may need to allow more lag time. So spend the time you need on this step.

At Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center, our experienced wedding experts can help you coordinate any size wedding party for the perfect day. Check out our beautiful new ceremony venues and rehearsal packages today. 

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