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Date : 12/21/2018

Your Wedding, Your Day, and Your Dream Dress

Oasis Golf Club and Conference Center is an idyllic setting for your dream wedding. Even though your guests will enjoy the scenery, all eyes will be on you - and what you're wearing. The wedding dress is more than just a garment, it's one of the most important items you'll ever wear. With that in mind, take a look at what you need to know before shopping for a wedding dress.

Start Early

Buying a wedding dress takes time, effort, and an emotional commitment. You'll remember this day forever, and that means don't settle for less than complete perfection. If you wait until the last minute, you may have to accept a dress that's just okay or isn't tailored correctly.

You started your venue search with months (or more) to go until your wedding date. Take the same approach with the dress. Not only will you need time to investigate different retailers and dresses, but you'll also need time for a professional fitting. To tailor a complicated garment, such as a wedding dress, typically takes much longer than simply hemming a pair of pants.

Research Dresses

Before you step foot in a wedding boutique, do your research. Page through wedding magazines, search blogs, and look at friends' pictures. Create a list that includes the style you prefer. When you research dresses, consider:

  • The fit. Do you want something that shows off more skin (such as a strapless gown) or a fitted style that covers you either partially or completely?
  • The length. While most traditional wedding gowns are floor-length, some modern brides opt for a shorter version.
  • The color. White is a classic. But other options exist. Bone, ivory, taupe, rose or blush hues, and gold tones are also gaining popularity.
  • The embellishments. Do you want a simple gown or something with lace, sequins, crystals, or other accents?
  • The event. An outdoor event (at a venue such as the Oasis Golf Club and Conference Center), night-time wedding, or afternoon indoor brunch may all require different types of dresses. Take the time of year, time of day, and whether you're planning a black-tie event or not into consideration.

Even though you may feel confident in the style you've chosen, your ideas may change when you start trying on dresses. Give yourself multiple options, and open yourself up to new ideas during the research phase.

Focus on Yourself

Be careful to not fall in love with the idea of a specific wedding dress. The gown of your daydreams may not fit your figure correctly. Instead of wasting time looking for a dress that you can fit into, look for one that accentuates your positives.

Avoid buying for the future you. With the stress of planning, don't add extra pressure to lose weight or change your shape. Buy for who you are right now. If you gain or lose weight between the time of purchase and your wedding date, a professional tailor can alter the gown to fit your new shape.

Bring Help

Trying on wedding dresses is an emotional experience for many brides. The overwhelming feelings of love and happiness may take away your ability to accurately judge the dress. Bring close friends and family along to provide you with a second opinion.

While it is advisable to bring help along, limit the number of friends and family you invite. Too many differing opinions can get confusing, which makes you second-guess yourself. Your mother, soon-to-be motherin-law, sister, maid of honor, or other bridal party members provide you with a pool of people to choose from.

Are you ready to start wedding planning? Are you looking for a venue with plenty of options? Contact Oasis Golf Club and Conference Center for more information on wedding packages.

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