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Date : 5/16/2018

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Themes for Your Child's Big Day

Gone are the days when a bar or bat mitzvah was held in the temple's social hall or a community rec room. Today's young adults want sophistication, style, and (of course) a splash of fun. That means you need to pick the perfect venue and create a theme that truly stands out.

Just like your daughter wouldn't want the same bat mitzvah dress that everyone in her Hebrew school class had, she doesn't want the same party. The same goes for your bar mitzvah boy. Whether you choose a classic country club outdoor venue, an intimate indoor dinner, or a grand gala type of affair, your child's bar or bat mitzvah is an event that requires plenty of planning and creativity.

Before you start booking caterers and hiring entertainment, take a step back and create an overall framework for the party. Take a look at some of the most popular event themes that are age-appropriate, fun-filled, and majorly memorable.

Globe Trotter

Does your child love to take family trips? Or maybe they're a global dreamer, constantly imagining what it would be like to spend a weekend in Paris, hop a plane to London, and then jet off to Sydney. Whether your child is well-traveled or just wants to be, this theme is perfect for a newly-turned teen.

The beauty of a globe-trotter party is that it provides you with endless choices. Instead of picking one menu item or one style of food for a buffet, you can create stations that feature treats from different areas of the world. Think French pastries, Italian pizza, Chinese noodles, and Japanese sushi.

You can host this kind of bar or bat mitzvah party indoors or outdoors. Simply decorate the area with flags from different nations. Include objects or imagery (such as a mini Eiffel Tower or a large-scale photo of a favorite city) and you're ready to go.

Make the afternoon or evening extra exciting by handing out mock passports for the kids (you can even rent a photo booth and get their pictures put on the passports) and goodie bags that feature treats from around the globe.

Beach Boardwalk

The smell of freshly spun cotton candy, the boardwalk games, and seaside fun are all part of this completely kid-friendly theme.

Create your own arcade or game area with rented video games or Skee Ball. Set up stands with beachy treats for the kids to snack on before the main meal. And to make the party complete, fill the space with ocean-themed décor.

You can even design your own mini boardwalk for your child to make their grand entrance on.

Radical '80s

Not that you want to relive your awkward teenage years, but your child might get a kick out of this throwback. The 1980s are as retro to today's tweens as the '50s were to many modern parents (in their own youth). Play up a time when big hair ruled and everything was totally tubular.

Hire a DJ who specializes in '80s music, invite the guests to dress the part (don't worry, their parents will remember what it was like to dress for a bar or bat mitzvah circa 1988), and have a break dancing or moonwalk contest (again, the parents may need to help with these).

Classically Cool

Not every 13-year-old wants strobe lights, a smoke machine, and over-the-top decorations. Some bar and bat mitzvah children prefer a quieter type of party setting. And that's okay. Instead of making the event into a circus, take things down a notch (or a few).

Plan an afternoon brunch or lunch event that features simple, serene décor such as pastel or white floral arrangements and neutral linens. Instead of a loud DJ or full band, opt for a classical ensemble or a harpist.

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