It's Time to Choose The Food!

Dress - ✔
Flowers - ✔
Guest list - ✔
Venue (Oasis, of course!) - ✔
Honeymoon - ✔

Now, for the best thing in life, FOOD!!   

It wouldn’t be the best party of the year if there wasn’t some amazing food to fill our bellies with before we “belly” up to the bar.  

Possibly one of the biggest stresses of planning a wedding is finding a caterer you really like that has the kind of options you want to provide to your guests.  You will find that the majority of venues only offer a short list of vendors which they are contracted with.  There is always a buffet option, always a sit down dinner option, but many times that’s where your options end.  While it is convenient to have a caterer who is familiar with the venue and will be able to plan out exactly how the food will be displayed, it is often a daunting task to choose a vendor with stellar food that can “cater” to your guests’ needs.  

Having a personal, in house chef really is an amazing feature that Oasis offers to all guests.  And with each package including your own personal wedding consultant, we will absolutely help you design the perfect menu for your big day, and even for your rehearsal dinner if you choose.  For the rehearsal dinner, you can choose anything from a Caribbean style buffet to a Mexican style buffet (follow the blog for more rehearsal dinner deets!).  And even though it’s hard to follow chips & guac (because, what’s life without guac), you can create your ideal meal for the reception that will have your guests leaving yet another checked box under the “best wedding of the year” column.  You may even make it on a TLC show someday.  Don’t forget us little people when you make it big!!  But really, we will make sure the menu is another task crossed off your own to-do list. 

Picky eaters? --  We will take care of it.  
Someone has an allergy? -- No problem.  
Chocolate covered bugs? -- Yeaa…..No.  Sorry. 

If you want more of a casual feel for the reception, you can choose a traditional buffet served with staples such as salad, chicken, pasta, a glazed ham carving station, green beans and mashed potatoes.  Although I could stop here and be a happy camper, there are also several other menu options Oasis offers.  Since this is the biggest day of your life (aside from the first time your mom actually let you walk home from school instead of pulling up to get you blaring Celine Dion), you want your menu to reflect the importance this day holds for you.  So why not spoil your guests with an outstanding meal that will leave them licking their fingers and asking for more (hand sanitizer available for an additional charge).  Some of the available options for a sit down dinner include capicola stuffed chicken, Mahi Mahi and green beans almondine.  Not sure what almondine means?  Yeah, I wasn’t either.  But after a quick Google search, I’m now simultaneously ordering groceries on Clicklist because I MUST make these for dinner.

At Oasis, our goal is to work WITH you so that when the day has finally arrived, we can do the work FOR you.  

Now that our Bridal Blog on the “Big Three” is coming to an end, continue to follow us as we go more in depth with other aspects of planning your wedding and show you just how much we can do for you at Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center.

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