Oasis Golf Club Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Oasis Golf Club?

The Oasis Golf Club is a family friendly private golf club characterized by high value and club amenities. The club has an active membership of all ages, reflective of the community. The combination of a championship golf course, social environment, and dining facilities provide an outstanding club experience. 

How does The Oasis Golf Club differ from other Clubs?

Oasis Golf Club differs from many traditional private clubs in the area because we have no monthly spending minimums, no assessments, and no hidden fees. After your initial agreement, you are not locked into a contract and may cancel your membership at anytime by requesting so in writing. We also offer a one time option to downgrade from a full golf to a social member as well as a one time option for an up to 12 month leave of absence. Oasis Golf Club offers a tremendous value Club with exceptional service and a simple, straightforward and affordable membership plan. 

What amenities are available for use at the Oasis Golf Club?

The Club facilities include:

  • 18 Hole Arnold Palmer Designed golf course
  • Golf practice facilities including driving range, putting greens, and practice bunker 
  • Junior Olympic sized swimming pool
  • Private Tennis Court
  • Clubhouse featuring: Palmer dining room, Arnie's bar & grill,
  • men's & ladies' card room & locker room, golf professional shop,
  • golf club storage facilities

Will my guests be able to use the Oasis Golf Club facilities?

Yes, members are entitled to have guests use the Club in accordance with the Club Rules & Regulations. We prefer 3 guests to every member but can make exceptions during non-peak hours. The member is responsible for any unpaid guest fees and their guest behavior while at the Club. Guest play may be limited to certain time frames on the weekend to insure play availability to members. 

Do members have charging privileges at Oasis Golf Club?

Yes. Members may charge to their membership number or pay cash/credit while using the facilities. 

 Is The Oasis Golf Club a member owned equity club?

The Oasis Golf Club is a Limited Liability Corporation. 
Members at The Oasis do not have any ownership stake in the Club.

Do members have a voice in how The Oasis Golf Club is managed?

For the Oasis Golf Club to be successful, the membership must be involved. In addition to our staff continually seeking membership input, The Oasis Golf Club has an Advisory Board consisting of 12 elected golf members who each serve a 3 year term, with a rotation of 4 members every year. The Advisory Board acts as a liaison between the membership and management. The Oasis Golf Club also has various member ran Club committees that provide valuable input. The Club also conducts an annual survey to the membership as well as a bi-annual all member meeting. The input collected from members, surveys, Advisory Board, and committees, allows The Oasis Golf Club to make decisions based on what is best for the Club as a whole.   

Does the Oasis Golf Club assess the membership for capital improvements or to fund any operating shortfalls?

No, Club members are guaranteed not to be assessed. The ownership of the Club is committed to continually support and finance capital improvements every year.

Does The Oasis Golf Club have any minimums?

Unlike many clubs in the area, The Oasis has no food, beverage, golf cart, or merchandise minimums.

What types of memberships are available at The Oasis Golf Club?

The Club currently offers two membership classifications, golf and social. 
Within the golf category there are four memberships:
Golf, Corporate Golf, Dual Club, & Young Professional. 
A Social Membership is available with the option to upgrade to golf at anytime.

How many club memberships are available?

The number of golf memberships are limited to 420.

The number of social memberships are limited to 300. 

How much extra is the use of the practice facility?

The use of the practice facility is included for all membership classifications.

What are the privileges of golf membership?

A golf membership allows the member and their immediate family, children up until age 23, unlimited use of the golf course, driving range, swimming pool, tennis court and clubhouse facilities. Members may attend all club sponsored golf and social events. Golf members shall not be charged green fees for use of the golf facilities, but shall pay the golf cart fee and other use charges established by the club when applicable. Golf members may participate in all leagues and golf tournaments. Golf members also have access to private lessons from golf professionals and all clinics offered.

What are the privileges of social membership?

A social membership allows the member and their immediate family, children up to age 23, unlimited use of the swimming pool, tennis court, and the dining facilities. Social Members may attend club sponsored social events held at the Club as well as several golf events. Social  members may also play two rounds of golf each month from April through October and will enjoy unlimited use of the golf facilities from November through March. Social members are required to pay a reduced greens fee. Unlimited use of the practice facility is included in your monthly dues. Access to private lessons and certain clinics are available as well. 

Why does the Oasis Golf Club charge an initiation fee?

An initiation fee is an important factor in insuring the development of a committed membership. The Oasis Golf Club is building a membership based on camaraderie and friendship. The environment of the Club is one that fosters long-term relationships and a growing family atmosphere. Many clubs which do not charge an initiation fee face the problem of retaining members throughout the years. The Oasis Golf Club is a Club where members join to benefit from the facilities for an extended period of time as opposed to just a golf season. 

Is membership at The Oasis Golf Club refundable or transferable?

The Club does not offer a refundable membership.  The initiation fee is a one time non-refundable fee.  The Corporate membership is transferable and may be transferred upon payment of the applicable transfer fee

Is the Oasis Golf Club open to the public?

The Oasis Golf Club is a member's only club. Unaccompanied guests are not permitted at the Club or on the golf course.

What days does The Oasis host Golf Outings?

Outside Golf Outings are permitted on Monday’s only. Tuesday through Sunday are reserved for the use of our membership. If we do not have an outing, the course will be open to the membership. Facilities will be closed. 

How far in advance may golf reservations be made?

Members may schedule tee times up to 10 days in advance.  There are no permanent tee times at the Club. Tee times may be reserved by phoning the pro shop, stopping in, or making an online reservation. 

Is walking permitted at The Oasis Golf Club?

Walking is permitted during designated periods as determined by the Club. Walking is always permitted when the course is cart path only and during the off season of November through March. No personal carts are permitted at this time. The Oasis Golf Club offers golf carts as well as pull carts. 

Does my golf membership give me reciprocity with other Clubs?

Yes. Many clubs in the area will allow reciprocity, please check with the golf professionals. The Oasis Golf Club also pays for our members to belong to ClubCorp which allows our golf members access to hundreds of private clubs and private dining facilities across the United States. 

Is Denim allowed at The Oasis Golf Club?

Yes. Denim is allowed in the Clubhouse. Denim in the form of shorts, skirts, and denim with holes are not allowed at any time. Denim is not allowed on the golf course or practice facility at anytime.